Ninja Warrior Moments & Israelite History Reflections

Ninja Warrior Moments  & Israelite History Reflections
with Renee

Set the scene. We are living in Cambodia and I go on the back of Tiger driving the motobike, we get there and I see a high schooler in year 10, same year as my daughter, waiting at the gate for his friend. Then I see it on the way to the front door stairs. It looks like I can swing from the hanging rope swing from the balcony.   We had just watched ninja warriors the night before and women were competing. I grab the swing, bringing my knees into my chest for the abs move and, SLAM! On my back for a whole minute in shock, until Rachel Saunders comes out, looks down at my lying there in her cute apron, and I hobble up acting like it doesn't hurt. I have a bruised coccyx (tailbone). It is swollen and sore now, three days afterward during Khmer New Year holiday then right into Easter/Resurrection Day.  This is the preface to my next blog. Yes, I needed encouragement and still do because the pain is not over with yet. My coccyx can take up to four weeks to heal. How about you? We are all wounded pups in this journey called life together...there in hope...
I work on ceu credits as I heal, thus the time to blog.

Israelite History 1


courseon RUTH: A Gentile & a Jew

Learning Never Ends
Renee Cirlincione Smith, aka: Renee
“My citizenship is in Heaven.”-Phil.3:20


“GOD wants us to be lights in the darkest places.”- ACSI CEU Course on Israelite History1
"The most powerful message in the book of Ruth is GOD IS AT WORK behind the scenes."
All quotes from the course source unless noted.


  1. “Love GOD and the mission HE’s given to us.”


I don’t know about you, but I sure could use some encouragement from God’s Word, the Holy Bible.
Debate the historical accuracy of the Bible? Click on this link as Ray Comfort has offered $10.000 for anyone who can offer proof to disprove the Bible being true.


  1. For the Israelites during the day of Ruth & How it Relates to us:

The Israelites had a time of abundant life and so do we. We eat and drink with no worries. Even the poor can go through trash and find a scrap to be able to smile at a stranger. We have to admit, we are blessed. Do we see we are blessed and become thankful for what we do have or do we become sorrowful and depressed our entire lives?
  1. There is a time to be Bummed Out, for sure!

I have been so immeasurably sad.  It is true, we all have to be sad sometimes more than other times.  I have never not hid my tears until this year and when I was a little girl.  SOmetimes it feels good to cry. It’s OK, you’re not alone.  The same GOD Who raised JESUS from the dead is ALIVE and well and always here for you & me. HE never sleeps and His angels are not needing sleep either. SImilar to how we will be in Heaven, where we will have new perfect bodies, no pain, a banquet with the KING of KINGS and so much more for eternity in Paradise.  (Psalm 23 & 91, Hebrews 3:14)

How Can I Know for Sure?
The Bible tells us so.  That’s why I’m writing these treasures in God’s Word down as I find these morsels of goodness toward us from God in His Word. Let’s feast on the Word in this dry & weary land, praying His Spirit speaks to us and all those we are praying for. You Reading this Unite in PRAYing right now. I love you ,of course, because
and HIS SPIRIT lives in me and helps me to.
I end with the whole quote from this educational ceu course (makes you want to be a teacher too so you can earn ceu’s with me, right?): “...It was, after all, abundant life. GOD doesn’t want us to do is to have us love living more than we love GOD and the mission He’s given to us.”  Took me three times listening to that to actually understand the depth of this love.
Thanks for thinking deeply together & , hopefully PRAYing together.
May God bless you & yours- Renee
I write from Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Below is art from a picture on the way to Hope International School.
Water Buffalo

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