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Helping at the Village

Look at the little kids at the end of this video.  They brought me such joy by having drippy noses.  WHAT?!  Gross, right?  It made me realize they were never taught how.  I was able to get out tissue, give them each a piece and say:-muy-bi-pie (1-2-3) and blow!!  They all blew their little noses and wiped.  So cute!  Helping at the village is hot, sweaty and rewarding.  Let's see who we can daily help with basic needs...see the need, fill the need.  Love from Cambodia- Renee

Pray for Chia

Dr. Tiger?  No, he is not a medical doctor but tries to help when he can.  The villagers come bring Tiger to those who need help and sometimes they just need a bandage, a little love, a kind work and a prayer.  Sometimes more.  Let's keep the poor and needy in prayer.   God is good, all the time.
 Love & prayers coming your way (if you are reading this) from Cambodia from Tige & Renee