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Prayer Answered June 2013

Prayers Answered in June 2013-just 1 month after moving to CAMBODIA.

I come home to find an e-mail from the Khmer Orphanage Director from New Hope for Orphans, ""...the moment i heart you sharedthat you can teach dance, it really brought joy to my heart. you are like an angle that Godsend to usin a time of need. we really need a dance teacher who can teach our children dance with English songs.."- cut & pasted direct quote. :)
=  PRAYER ANSWERED today as my prayer request for God to open the door at the right orphanage for me to volunteer was answered!

= THE NEED TO PRAY & know God will answer!  Thank You God & Acun- Tks. those who prayed!!!  SO much Lovein Christ- Renee
ps. Rainy season here & got to give this beggar with no legs that work my pink raincoat & make him happy....the little things :)  LOVE YA!
Tige and Renee in SE AsiaJune 14, 2013 at 1:26 AM We made it!!! Moved from Golden Gate Seminary Student Housing in Mill Valley, California to Phnom Penh, Cambodia!! Renee, new Art Teacher at HOPE International School. Tige will be finishing his PhD. while teaching Bible here. He'll be training Bible students to pastor unreached villages. Pray I find the right orphanage to volunteer in that we will be a blessing to! 
Let's keep eachother in prayer- Renee
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Renee's blog & Video from our place in Cambodia!

Tige and Renee in SE AsiaJune 14, 2013 at 12:59 AM Hi= Susadai!

Rainy season has just started right after our move here to Cambodia! Who-hoo! The coolness it brings allows us to stop sweating for a moment when it's raining! The kids can play in the rain to cool off! Praying for all believers (including our family in need of prayer) as we daily have to choose the right attitude. DO we act all hot, sweaty and grumpy or do we press on toward the goal asking our Lord for help & His joy.??

"..Press on..Heavenward in Jesus Christ."- Phil 3: 13 & 14- gotta go- Jadon is yelling in the rain- come on, it's so fun! LOL

Sunrise is a new day to serve the Lord! Here, in Cambodia, or where you are put!

Tige and Renee in SE AsiaJune 14, 2013 at 1:57 AM Power just went out here in Cambodia, but it's on again a lot quicker here in Phnom Penh than where we used to live. I am new to blogging so please share any tips because I we are just learning how to do this! It is adventure here (itching a bug bite again) as finding things you need is like a scavenger hunt on Blue's Clues. The best deals are bartering at one of the tent markets that have pigs snouts for sale and chicken heads. First chicken soup I boiled with the little head peeking at us! Josh asked me, "Ïs there any Tom's of Maine or natural deodorant here?". So if you visit us you know what to bring!!! :) Let's keep praying as we need His protection and direction like never before! HUGS- Renee
Kompongsom Bible School, Cambodia