“Those who trust in the Lord will find
new strength. They will soar high                     “Fix your eyes on  JESUS.”                
        on wings like eagles.                                           -Hebrews 12:2
They will run and not grow
weary. They will walk and not faint.”
                  -Isaiah 40:31

These Verses from God's Word help me when I get down from the storms of life. There are storms and will be storms in life. Do we stay down & out with a bad attitude angry at the world?

I am a visual learner and hope my Bible verse illustrations help you as they do me.  Look at the waves/trials of life and you sink!  Jesus is right there to lift us up when we focus on Him!  (Heb. 12:2 verse).    I rejoice that I am tired and weak because God tells us in His Word that His strength is seen in our weaknesses (2 Cor. 12: 9 & 10)!  PTL for that.  I feel tired but know as I press on and go out today, a Saturday, to SHe Rescue Home and teach a couple songs and Praise Dance (to young girls saved from human trafficking , rape or threat of)  God will give me His strength.  It's amazing how I will be the one blessed when I step out of my comfort zone and do something kind for others.
         Let's keep PRAying for each other & all believers with JESUS in Jn. 17: 15 (for protection) & 21- (that we stay IN Him & have unity so the world may want to know the Hope within us).
           Much Love from Cambodia- Renee :)
 Picture above in a remote village with no power or running water.
The King Cobra we battled is just one of the many trials we have gone through.  It did not go down easily. We battled 6 different poisonous snakes at our last house on a corner next to swamp.  
I consider it a reminder of the Spiritual battle and to pray for protection more! 

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