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Ninja Warrior Moments & Israelite History Reflections

Ninja Warrior Moments  & Israelite History Reflections
with Renee

Set the scene. We are living in Cambodia and I go on the back of Tiger driving the motobike, we get there and I see a high schooler in year 10, same year as my daughter, waiting at the gate for his friend. Then I see it on the way to the front door stairs. It looks like I can swing from the hanging rope swing from the balcony.   We had just watched ninja warriors the night before and women were competing. I grab the swing, bringing my knees into my chest for the abs move and, SLAM! On my back for a whole minute in shock, until Rachel Saunders comes out, looks down at my lying there in her cute apron, and I hobble up acting like it doesn't hurt. I have a bruised coccyx (tailbone). It is swollen and sore now, three days afterward during Khmer New Year holiday then right into Easter/Resurrection Day.  This is the preface to my next blog. Yes, I needed encouragement and still do because the pain is not over with yet…

My Top 3 Heros & Emily's Vegan Cookie Recipe

One of my top 3 heros.

A student asked, Mrs. Smith, who are your other 2 heros. Here's my top 3: 1- Martin Luther King, Jr. for speaking out that all men should be treated equally (what the Bible says); 2- Nick Vujicic of life without limbs (who met with our family in Cambodia our first Sunday in Cambodia when we saw him speak. He heard we were from California and missionaries so he met with us and prayed for our family and Cambodia) & 3- Emily Renee Smith.

Emily is my inspiration and was a dedicated vegan her senior year and the 6 months she got to do of college before being hit by a car crossing the street while a Moody Bible College student in Chicago and went directly to Heaven.  Emily Renee Smith , age 18 forever, is making vegan cookies in this video her last Christmas on earth.  She left us with her journals, art, Bible verses and highlighted verses in her Bible which are another source of inspiration. She overcame so much, became an A student in college, student taught …