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Friends at the slum in Asia

Friends ...who are yours?  Have you thought of befriending someone in need?  Praying to make a difference just one life. Let's strive to press on and be loving to someone. One day at a time.  Grateful for today- Renee

Hugs from Cambodia.    

"...LOVE>>"- 2 Peter 1:7b

Friend's Flooded Hut

Friend had twin baby girls and lives in this flooded hut.  Helping the poor in a slum in Cambodia.  We don't realize how very blessed we are.  My friends in America deal with comparing to all those around them who are better off, always comparing with the person who has the better toy, car, house,..and on the list goes.  Stop and look at the poor beggar.  Then look at what you do have,  Glass still half empty of half full?

Blessings from Cambodia.  Covered in sweat again here/ :)  I'm not as tough as my Khmer friends!

                                    Much Love- Renee