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Stay United in Much Needed PRAYer:

PRAY 1st song as listen & Unite in PRAYer,amen.
Stay United in Praying Yohan/John 17: 15 (protection from the evil one) & Verse 21 (for US to remain in Him, the Vine & WE the branches), and His Invisible Holy Spirit in Us (the part of EMily Renee Smith that's in Heaven even though I'm hoping she'll be in America when I get there).SO the WOrld (Cambodia & those around US) may desire to know the HOPEwithin US. In YEASU/JESUS MIGHTY NAME< amen.
10 sec. video of our families ministry to the poor beloved friends & brethren here. Pray for them. of the in the video.
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ENLIGHTEN-MENT My job here on earth is not done yet. That’s why I’m still here after being on my death bed on chemo, heart pounding harder than I thought it could, pain shooting through my bones and sitting in the grass by still waters as a sheep by my shepherd in the 23rd Psalm. (yes, I visualize each part of the 23rd Psalm, being a sheep which actually is what the sheep is a synonymous to). “Forgetting what is behind and pressing toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal of Heavenward in Jesus Christ.” In Christ, in Christ, in Christ (envision running over the finish line).- Philippians 3: 13 & 14. My Cancer Survivor Story IF Interested. If not don’t read below.: How many know I went through 3 surgeries & 2 biopsies? A biopsy is a modern day torture table in my opinion. Yours won’t be because the needle will reach as far as they need to test of you, unlike me. The 40 year mammogram brought me and Emily Renee with me to the biopsy room where nurses surrou…