My Top 3 Heros & Emily's Vegan Cookie Recipe

One of my top 3 heros.

A student asked, Mrs. Smith, who are your other 2 heros. Here's my top 3: 1- Martin Luther King, Jr. for speaking out that all men should be treated equally (what the Bible says); 2- Nick Vujicic of life without limbs (who met with our family in Cambodia our first Sunday in Cambodia when we saw him speak. He heard we were from California and missionaries so he met with us and prayed for our family and Cambodia) & 3- Emily Renee Smith.

Emily is my inspiration and was a dedicated vegan her senior year and the 6 months she got to do of college before being hit by a car crossing the street while a Moody Bible College student in Chicago and went directly to Heaven.  Emily Renee Smith , age 18 forever, is making vegan cookies in this video her last Christmas on earth.  She left us with her journals, art, Bible verses and highlighted verses in her Bible which are another source of inspiration. She overcame so much, became an A student in college, student taught on her way to becoming a teacher & worked by biking in all weather to walk dogs to make money while going to college. She was a family nurse for me as I went through breast cancer, and that scared her so much (getting cancer & going through chemo) that she became vegan.

She struggled, as we all do, with the lies we all believe about ourselves.  In her journal one page says: The lies I believe. On the next 2 pages are listed and titled,"What God says about me".  On these lists Emily gives us her cartoons next to each summary about what God says about her and us in His Word, the Holy Bible. One of these points says,

" I am a citizen of Heaven (Phil.3:20)."

" I am not alone (Heb. 13:5) and I am dearly loved.",  are two of the others.

May we all come to know how very much we are loved by God.  As much as we miss creative, fun,kind, sweet, crazy Emily Renee Smith, let's press on to know the God of the Bible that Emily grew into a deep relationship with. That is how we can be assured of eternal life with Emily in Heaven.  I know I can't wait to give her a hug!!! Don't take the risk of trying to get to Heaven on our own works, because there is nothing we can do to get there on our own!  God is Holy and can not allow our many sins into Heaven. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"-The Bible.  The only way is through forgiveness of our sins (why Jesus came to earth/ Christmas & died on the cross defeating death by rising from the dead/Easter) by accepting the free gift to pay our sin debt through Jesus' sacrifice for us. Happy Easter/Resurrection Day, April 16, 2017.

                                                  Oh, He loves us.  No greater love.

                     "Press on toward the goal of Heavenward in Jesus Christ."-Phil.3:13 & 14

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