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everyone can help the poor.

"Alone we can do little.  But together we can do much."- Tiger Smith

Now to go help the poor.  All of us can help with
Please join praying we can help more girls saved from sex work to sew the bags

Profit goes to starting a Friendship house in a remote village with no power or running water.

Be blessed.  Your Friend -Renee

Helping the poor.  Everyone can help someone in need.  Who can you help?  Think about it.  If you get a thought to help someone act upon it. ... I almost did not!  I was bike riding home from work (teaching at Hope International School) and wanted to get home fast! As I biked by a dirty barefooted woman I could not help but notice the adorable tiny baby she was carrying.  I had the thought after passing to give her my fancy water bottle in the basket of my bike.  I almost did not turn back to act on this thought!  As I  turn my bike around and approach the young woman I se…