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Merry Christmas from Cambodia


Sneak Peek at the Slum Village Church. Oct. 2014

The Slum Village Church

Take a sneak peek at Pastors Tiger and Penghorn at the village church.
 These villagers are content despite circumstances where their stick huts have huge holes and water leaks in from tarps tied on for a roof.  No showers for them so they pick lice out of each other's hair.  We are blessed to be a part of their lives and help those in need here in Asia.

Let's keep these third world countries in prayer.  Much love & many prayers- Renee
Sept. 2014. Ready to share now that my hair has grown back.  Renee pictured with army hair as hair was growing back from bald (with sunglasses,2010).  Picture at Golden Gate Seminary, California, with missionary from Africa, Emily Rose Koch..         Yes.  
 I am a Survivor.  
  Pink Ribbon. 
    Getting to 
         is a 
prayer answered 
     for me/

Pictured with daughters.  Being silly.  Hair now back to long.  Was hairless only 4 years ago while on chemotherapy.  

From Cambodia with the Love of Christ, July 7, 2014

Click on the TITLE to see the video & all pics!  :)
A picture paints a thousand words and I hope this video blog will help express what words can not.  I have been so blessed to get to be a part of the lives of the precious villagers here in the poorest part of the city.  Pictured here is Supwarn, a friend whose husband left her while she was pregnant.  She just had a baby girl one day ago!!!  We were able to bring her the only gifts she will get for having a baby girl.  She told me , ""Ach mein luy. Ach mein rice.""  That means I don't have money and I don't have rice.  All she is asking for is rice!  Pray for these beautiful people who live in the poorest villages in Cambodia.
Click on the above link to see the 37 second video which paints a thousand words. :)
SO much Love in Jesus- Renee

The little boy is her son and her daughter is pictured in thei…

David Bowden - "I Am"

So DEEP I had to include this talented young man's version of The GREAT I AM on my blog.  Listen  to the description of our MIGHTY GOD!

Meeting Together for Fun- Egg Roulette Game (+playlist) 2014