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Cambodian Orphanage Summer 2013

Cambodian Orphanage kids are so devoted.  They tell us to get there at 8am and say, "You come every day?".  Emily and Attalia have even been waking me up as they love going to see our friends.   We Just found out on Friday that some of our friends at the Orphanage are moving back to other villages after the USA tour.  The best dancers and singers of the 13 Orphanages were picked for the USA tour then are sent back to their Orphanage.  We have friends moving back to Battambang and Shianouk.  We hope to stay in touch.  One cool kid Pyreak loves singing and is a really good dancer.  He hopes to get a device in the USA ,if someone is generous, so he can get internet on to stay connected. Two of the orphans do have devices as do their leaders going to the USA with them.  Pyreak said to us on Friday, Ï'm feeling lonely."and looked sad thinking of moving back to Battambang and not seeing us all again. They have a great facebook group NewHopeforOrphans that tells each of t…

Cambodia Orphanage Ministry Started Summer 2013

Cambodia Orphanage Ministry  Here are the NHO (NewHopeforOrphans) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Teacher Renee and below with Emily & Attalia.
Teaching them Praise Dance, Choir and Art has blessed us all!  We are able to visit them every day now during summer break until school starts, then will continue once a week.  They are so precious and it blesses us getting to be a part of their lives.  God put on my heart to write the small Children's Book called:  ADOPTION- The Loving Option- about how God has ADOPTED us into His Kingdom.  I gave them my book as a gift as the message is for them and all children of God! 

So we love the orphans here and will continue to visit them as they grow on you!!!

Praying for our rural village outreach coming next weekend right before I start teaching at Hope International School Aug. 5.

Let's keep each other in PRAYER as we strive to make a difference in the world with the good news and hope we have in Jesus Christ!

In His Grip- Renee