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Don't Let your fires burn out!

My son, Josh Smith at Moody Bible school (in the dorm in the video), Chicage, USA.  May his words encourage you.  Blessings from Cambodia- Renee

Cambodian Family Hut. Come Visit with me- Renee

Come visit friend SuMum and her family in their hut in a slum in Cambodia.  SuMum has the neatest hut.  We have to take off our shoes before entering and she keeps this stick hut as clean as possible.  She simply requests soap so she can wash her babies clothes and powder for her babies rash.  That's all.  The joy of a visit from a friend despite circumstances has the entire family run to their hut to welcome me!  The husband is wearing a Willy Wonka shirt from Jacoby which gives Goodwill donations new meaning here.  Let's keep these families living in the slums in prayer and help those in need when we can.  May God bless you= Prea-um Protein Poah (my Khmer to english phonics)- Renee