Sunrise is a new day to serve the Lord! Here, in Cambodia, or where you are put!

Power just went out here in Cambodia, but it's on again a lot quicker here in Phnom Penh than where we used to live. I am new to blogging so please share any tips because I we are just learning how to do this! It is adventure here (itching a bug bite again) as finding things you need is like a scavenger hunt on Blue's Clues. The best deals are bartering at one of the tent markets that have pigs snouts for sale and chicken heads. First chicken soup I boiled with the little head peeking at us! Josh asked me, "Ïs there any Tom's of Maine or natural deodorant here?". So if you visit us you know what to bring!!! :) Let's keep praying as we need His protection and direction like never before! HUGS- Renee

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