ENLIGHTEN-MENT My job here on earth is not done yet. That’s why I’m still here after being on my death bed on chemo, heart pounding harder than I thought it could, pain shooting through my bones and sitting in the grass by still waters as a sheep by my shepherd in the 23rd Psalm. (yes, I visualize each part of the 23rd Psalm, being a sheep which actually is what the sheep is a synonymous to). “Forgetting what is behind and pressing toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal of Heavenward in Jesus Christ.” In Christ, in Christ, in Christ (envision running over the finish line).- Philippians 3: 13 & 14. My Cancer Survivor Story IF Interested. If not don’t read below.: How many know I went through 3 surgeries & 2 biopsies? A biopsy is a modern day torture table in my opinion. Yours won’t be because the needle will reach as far as they need to test of you, unlike me. The 40 year mammogram brought me and Emily Renee with me to the biopsy room where nurses surrounded me to hold me down. The needle could not reach as far down near my ribs they had to take then test a piece of me. The thin sword has a point and a little hole in the end to slice then scoop a piece for testing.Pretty ingenious being they used to die of breast cancer like my Grandma Kathrina Salamone (Italian). Aunt Connie has a perfect reconstruction after a radical mastectomy and inspired me by bartending wearing a headwrap going through chemo and surviving, also a prayer answered. My cousin, Counselor Gina L. Kane MA, NCC,LMHC, had a preventative double mastectomy, reconstruction and removal of ovaries (all surgeries I had to do, not reconstruction,one at a time). I actually had to beg my well known cancer doctor woman for a preventative second mastectomy (wearing one prosthetic until then). She still refused to take out a healthy uterus, saying I was at no risk for uterine cancer at my age. My cousin and Angelina Jolie were allowed to take that preventative though. So then another scene of a torture table of another biopsy on the one breast left because my yearly mammogram showed “calcium deposits”. Even though the biopsy test results came out negative I begged my cancer doctor for the preventative surgery. She reluctantly did so, against her judgement. Guess what? The second radical mastectomy test piece from what they removed did show a second cancer, after chemo (which I still have side effects from the overdosing of). So chemo didn’t work on me. Now the doctor agrees that I have the BRACA gene for breast and ovarian cancer. You can not find this out without BRACA gene extensive blood testing (more needles) and 5,000 insurance will not cover. Six more weeks of healing with a drain tube that looks like a clear plastic grenade is hanging from you on the end of the long tube (Emily used to volunteer to empty and record mm’s like a nurse). After that second mastectomy, the doctor can finally remove the ovaries. So pain, I know pain. Do you need someone to relate to as we all go through pain on this earth? Jesus’ pain tops any as He went through it all for us to be able to receive the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. These skins (our temporary outward bodies) are not our eternal garb! Read the Bible and the many descriptions of Heaven with God and the animals in Paradise. There are some creatures we have never seen, yet. SO there’s one little drop of the vapor of my life I am living in this shell of skin. It was a painful part that I could not share till now, 2017. I battled cancer starting in Madison, Florida, driving our moving truck, the yellow bumble bee, across america and camping on the way (Grand Canyon, Hwy.1, truck stop,..) with our five kids untill we got over the Golden Gate Bridge in California to Golden Gate Seminary. We lived there for 4 years as I had pressed Tiger to go there to seminary , not to wait to see if I lived until He continue training to help teach the Khmer who need solid training. We has set up for me to start the chemo there. Other 2 surgeries followed. Driving off from our Florida home and church family to California we had my last doctor appointment. We snuck an extra drain needle and syringe, as I insisted the doctor remove and stitch up the drain tube with last draining of fluids by syringe needle. And off we drove to move and camp along the way. We told him we’d stop at a doctor if more draining of fluids needed. Tiger was my family doctor for travel, ready to drain with the sealed, sterile syringe if needed. Good news is I’m now cancer-free and living proof God answers prayers. I end with when I was on what my family and I believed was my death bed when I could not speak, but only babble.Could not walk, only crawl and tried to drink a banana. I was being prayed for bigtime. Prayer chains and church prayers were happening and carried me back when I was on my way to Heaven saying , OK God, take me now. I could not move or do anything. I’m lying in this pain in bed and hear in my hears a complete Bible verse I had not yet memorized or remember hearing and a message with it. It all came as a thunderbolt straight through my pain like a light from above, freeing me of pain for the moment. Here’s that message from God after I told Him, in prayer,take me home to Heaven. YOU CAN PRAY WITH JESUS for one another/all believers in John 17:15, “for protection from the evil one,” …”21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me (Jesus speaking) and I am in You. May they(us all) also be in Us so that the world may believe that You ( God the Father) have sent Me (Jesus).” Since that day and until I go to Heaven I PRAY every day this, join me and we’ll be united in PRAYER. Love you all reading this & praying for you now while I write this- Renee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAfqiZ46h-I 10 second video of our families ministry to the poor. Emily Renee Smith is the first auburn ("red"hair you'll see). Home Economics Class Homeschooling our 5 in Wisconsin, USA. Before breast cancer. Golden Gate Seminary student housing, California 3rd Easter after being bald on chemo.

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