Summer 2015 Slum Village

Man, am I learning a lesson on CONTENTMENT.

" Be CONTENT in what you have.  For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you.". - Hebrews 13: 5.     Wow God is always with us.  That, my friend, is good news.  No matter what you are going through.

I was at the slum village paying Titah, a new mom.  She makes bracelets and earns 15 UDS a month for money for food.  I get to her family hut with her baby asleep in a hammock under the stick hut above the dirt.  Her other 4 children are smiling despite dirty clothes and no shoes.  Their outdoor tiny fire has a pot on it cooking water with what they can afford to put in for soup.  I am invited to sit under the hut in a hammock as Tita was in the middle of a "shower'.  Her "shower"  consists of being outside in the village where all can see and dumping a bucket of water over her head with a sarong on.  After doing this several times she pins up her hair and is ready to go, drying quickly from the Cambodian heat.  All with a smile on her face!  Between bucket dumps during her shower she stopped to bring me a cup of water with a kind smile.  I kindly decline knowing the water is not clean and will get us weak stomach americans sick.

Just a little glimpse in the life of a lovely friend living in poverty.  Joy despite circumstances.  May her true story help us put our discontentment in to place.  May we be thankful for the little things in life & lovely sunsets. :)  God is with us, Praise Him.  Let's keep each other in prayer- Renee

Moms in the slum village pictured.  Tita is the one on the bottom picture & pregnant below.  :)

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