The Song PRAYER by Jacoby- Version 1/Home version

"PRAY without ceasing."

                                                                                                                         - 1 Thess. 5:17

                                                        Reminder to PRAY.  

                                                        Wherever you are

 This video was in Golden Gate Seminary Student Housing, California.  Now I live in Cambodia.  Wherever we are we can " TALK TO HIM IN PRAYER".  Hope you got that from this song.  With my sons Jacoby TIge Smith (wrote this song) and Eli Josh Smith.  Join me in PRAYing with Jesus in John 17: 15 (protection form the evil one) & 21.  Pray and we will be united before the Throne of His Majesty Lord of Lords and KING of KINGS, Creator of the Universe, wherever you are. 

                                                  He is Worthy- Renee 
Jsoh Smith, Drummer, now at Moody Bible- University in USA, 2015
Jacoby Smith presently TEACHING in China., 2015.
Renee Smith presently teaching at HOPE International School and SheRescueHome along with being a missionary with her beloved husband, Tiger Smith.  
Despite the miles and locations all over the world we can be UNITED IN PRAYER and our Heavenly father hears us.  HOPE, LOVE, JOY & PRAYERS in Him- Renee

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